Shower Renovation 201

cyrus shower 01cyrus shower 02cyrus shower 03cyrus shower 04cyrus shower 05cyrus shower 06cyrus shower 07cyrus shower 08cyrus shower 10

Here we go again! Our [not so] new house has the luxury of a bathroom attached to one of the bedrooms. The only problem is it was never built properly and could not be used because it leaked. We’re told the plumber and tile setter each accused the other of shoddy work. The former owners simply capped the shower head and it hasn’t been used in 50 years. Having gone through the shower renovation process not too long ago, I’m looking forward to rebuilding this one. The first one was hard but I learned a lot and it’s nice to have an opportunity to do another one. Stay tuned…

Well it’s May 10th – Mother’s Day – and I’m finally finished with the shower! It’s a simple design but I think it looks original to the house.

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