Mug Shots

ucoop 01 glz

ucoop 04 glzucoop 03 glzucoop 05 glzucoop 02 glz

ucoop 06

ucoop 03ucoop 04ucoop 01

I spent this past Sunday afternoon with a few families from University Cooperative School in Seattle. We had a mug making workshop. I haven’t done a workshop like this before so I was a little apprehensive. Making vessels requires a lot more patience than making tiles. I was really impressed with the focus and care everyone put into their creations. I’m crossing my fingers that everything fires up nicely. More pictures to come…

It’s October 19th and I fired the mugs yesterday. Each mug was coated with a clear glaze and fired to cone 5. I debated whether to glaze both the inside and outside or just the inside. I prefer not to glaze the outside of my stamped cups but Ollie talked me into glazing the outside of these. I guess my cups must look a little unfinished to him. He was kind of disappointed however that some of his details got muted. Overall the firing was a success – no broken pieces!

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