Porcelain Earrings

earring scale

earring spiders

earring lego mold

My son Ollie has been collecting Legos since he was a baby. I’ve been particularly fascinated  by the Lego minifigures and the detailed accessories they come with. I thought it would be fun to somehow transform them into jewelry. The lunar landscape image above is a crude plaster mold I made using a handful of these little plastic pieces. I then pressed porcelain into them and carved away the excess.  They were bisque fired and then glazed with a cone 5 clear glaze. The really fun part was applying gold luster to the clear glaze. It’s the first time I’ve used lusters – they’re magical!


Clay Studio – Take Two

cyrus studio 01

cyrus studio 02

Yikes – I haven’t posted anything since Mother’s Day! With the kids home during summer vacation, there hasn’t been much time for clay work or blogging. In an effort to keep things moving, I thought I’d post a couple of “before” photos of what will someday be my new studio. As you can see, it currently serves as our laundry room/donation collection center. The plan is to build some walls and a door around the washer and dryer leaving enough space for a long narrow work area that will take advantage of the existing natural light. It will be smaller than my former studio but I think, if designed efficiently, it could be even better. Stay tuned…

cyrus studio 03cyrus studio 04

…it’s August 18 and work has begun. We have the walls built. The studio and laundry room are officially two separate areas!


cyrus studio west

cyrus studio south

…it’s September 24 and the basic room layout is done. Time to clean things up and organize supplies.

Bathroom Break

bathroom before and afterbathroom panoramacabinet with lights

I finally completed the basement bathroom remodel! It’s been really great making things with wood but I can’t wait to clean up the studio and get back into working with clay. It’s been way too long.