This Scratching Dogs series of tiles came about after adopting our first family dog.
It all started in the summer of 2011. After four wonderful years in Minneapolis, we had to relocate to Seattle. This was especially tough on our 8 year old daughter so, in an effort to take the sting out, we promised her a puppy. We immediately searched the listings on the Seattle Humane Society’s website. I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing that photo. I knew right away that Sam was our dog but everyone in our family had to like him if we were going to adopt him. The next day we met him. Sam was a high-energy ball of wavy black fur and we fell in love instantly. He’s been a part of this family ever since.
I still love to look at those photos because they remind me of that feeling I had when we found our perfect dog. This series of tiles is a celebration of that special moment.

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