My name is Lisa Schmidt and I’m the owner of Good Press. I’ve been designing tiles for years but I officially opened my Seattle studio in the fall of 2012.

I took my first ceramics classes while attending Massachusetts College of Art many years ago. Although I loved working with clay, I was excited about the idea of designing space and working collaboratively with other people. That ultimately led to a career in architecture.

I love drawing and designing space but there is nothing quite like the freedom of working with clay. Ceramics is an art form that allows a tremendous range of creative exploration. From form and function to surface design and color, the possibilities are endless. I find inspiration from a wide variety of sources including architecture, industrial design, textiles, origami, quilts, M.C. Escher, Charley Harper, woodcut prints, Chinese brush pots, toys, puzzles and, of course, nature. The list is constantly growing and influencing what I’m working on.

When I began designing tiles, I wondered why we don’t tile surfaces with amorphic shapes. That led to my first interlocking tiles. They began as abstract shapes but I started to enjoy the challenge of finding characters in them. My process is very traditional but I strive to push the boundaries of form with imagination and a sense of humor.


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