Garage Panel – Part Two





Well it was a very busy weekend. Despite all the rain and that amazing lightning storm on Saturday night, I installed the second garage panel. I really enjoyed doing this project but, it took nearly the whole summer to make the tiles, and it feels amazing to finish it! Still have some cleaning and polishing to do but I’m ready to start thinking about the next project.

Monkey Business


monkey fireplace process


When people think of handmade tiles, they often assume the tiles will be used as accents in a field of conventional tiles. When I received a request to do a fireplace surround composed of 85 of my monkey tiles, I was surprised but very excited to take on the challenge. In order to complete the project in a timely fashion, I had to make several monkey molds and press tiles throughout the day for several days straight to allow for adequate drying time. It was a very different way of working for me but I’m so pleased with the results. I especially love the wallpaper that was selected to surround the fireplace. It compliments the tiles beautifully (or maybe the tiles compliment the wallpaper).

House Numbers



I’ve been wanting to do this project since we moved to the North Beach neighborhood in 2015. It’s been really fun getting back into tessellations and color after a year of doing almost exclusively black and white sgraffito tiles. It took awhile to figure out the best way to install the tiles on our bumpy stucco garage but I think the cement board was a good choice. The installation went very smoothly. I’m starting to think about ideas for another panel on the opposite side of the door.

Scratching Dogs Update




I’ve finished a second batch of Scratching Dogs tiles. Click on my “Shop” button above to see the new ones. The two photos above show how tiles from the first group of Scratching Dogs were used to accent a dog bath in NY. They were combined with larger photo tiles of the owners’ dogs. The photo tiles were made by Zazzle.

Homage to Julia

julia tile newjulia tile old

julia tile everything

We recently replaced a broken exhaust fan over the range in our kitchen. As you can see the new fan has a more slender profile than the last fan and it left an exposed strip of brick along the top edge of the backsplash. I thought long and hard about which of my tiles to use to cover the brick. As it turns out, nearly all were too tall for the space. I decided instead to press a few simple tiles with one of the many clever quotes coined by kitchen goddess Julia Child, “Everything in moderation… including moderation.” I’m not sure she was the first to use the phrase but it has been attributed to her and I really like it.

Shower Renovation 201

cyrus shower 01cyrus shower 02cyrus shower 03cyrus shower 04cyrus shower 05cyrus shower 06cyrus shower 07cyrus shower 08cyrus shower 10

Here we go again! Our [not so] new house has the luxury of a bathroom attached to one of the bedrooms. The only problem is it was never built properly and could not be used because it leaked. We’re told the plumber and tile setter each accused the other of shoddy work. The former owners simply capped the shower head and it hasn’t been used in 50 years. Having gone through the shower renovation process not too long ago, I’m looking forward to rebuilding this one. The first one was hard but I learned a lot and it’s nice to have an opportunity to do another one. Stay tuned…

Well it’s May 10th – Mother’s Day – and I’m finally finished with the shower! It’s a simple design but I think it looks original to the house.

80s Kitchen Update

kitchen before and after

A lot has happened since my last post in October. We moved to a mid century house on the other side of Seattle. We love the house but it has needed some work. The former owners had lived in the house for many years without making too many changes to it. It’s great that the house has many of it’s original details intact but there were a few updates in the 80s – primarily a kitchen renovation. Ironically, unlike the original house, the 80s kitchen seemed dated. We didn’t have a lot to spend on a new kitchen so I decided to make a few changes with tile, paint, and cabinet pulls to give it a fresh look.

Shower Renovation 101

Having exhausted dozens of tubes of silicone caulk in the past three years (that’s James’ handiwork), we’ve decided that it’s time to renovate the basement shower. We’ve never done a project like this before but with all the Youtube videos out there to guide us, how hard can it be? Should be a great way to incorporate a few handmade tiles. I’ll keep you posted…

shower beforeshower demoshower studsshower framingshower concrete layer 1shower membraneshower curbshower concrete layer 2shower cement boardshower tape and mudshower waterproofingshower north tileshower tiles installedshower tiles groutedshower doneshower christeningshower niche detail