More Color Studies

glaze applicationceladon studywalrus boardwalrus panel color

June has had its ups and downs. Yesterday I went to check on five vessels I started to make last week. I’d wrapped them each tightly with plastic so they would dry slowly but all of them had serious cracks. I’m not sure why. Maybe a combination of too soft clay and especially dry weather.

In the meantime, glaze studies continue. I purchased an airbrush (Badger Air-Brush Co 250-1 Basic Spray) a few weeks ago. I’ve been disappointed by the streakiness of some of my glazes so I thought it was worth a try. I was concerned that ceramic glazes might be be too thick and granular to get through an airbrush but by thinning the glaze with about equal amounts of glaze and water, I’ve had no problems. So far I’m really happy with the results.

I’ve also continued exploring the Amaco celadon glazes. Big difference in layering and mixing these (see above). I’m currently firing the walrus tiles shown here using a combination of mixed and layered glazes. Let’s hope my luck turns around!

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