Something Old, Something New

skunk-greenwaregood-press-greenware  otter-wax

alphabet board

Where has the time gone? I just realized I haven’t posted since January. I’ve been pretty busy with a few projects since my last post but everything is sort of half way done right now.

The images above are from a new sign I’m making for my studio. The letters are from some alphabet drawings I made a few years ago. I actually carved 24 tiles (see above) and made a full set of molds from these drawings but was never entirely satisfied with them. The tiles were too heavy and inconsistent in size. When we moved in 2015, I got rid of the molds because they were taking up a lot of studio space. The new sign uses the original designs but each tile is individually carved. They’ll be fired several times with layers of underglazes before getting a clear coat.

I’ve also been working on another batch of scratching dog tiles. Included in this set is actually my first cat tile so I may have to start calling them my “scratching pet tiles”. Hmmm, that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. I’ll be posting those on my Etsy site soon.

I’m also working on a couple of new tile designs. They’re still in the early stages but I’ll be posting those in the next month or two. Stay tuned!

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