Soundview Playground



The weather is finally starting to get nice here in Seattle. Yesterday, I took Sam and Louie for a walk through Olympic Manor, a section of North Beach that has a high concentration of lovely midcentury homes and beautiful views of Puget Sound. At the east end of the neighborhood, behind a grove of trees, there’s a small playground that I’ve never really noticed. On the perimeter of the play area stand five large concrete columns covered in wonderful mosaics depicting plants and animals of the pacific northwest.  According to a plaque the project was completed in 2003. I’ve searched the internet for the name of the artist but haven’t had any luck yet. If you find yourself in this part of the world, it’s worth a visit!

UPDATE 3/18/2019

Today I was delighted to receive a message in my email from a resident of Olympic Manor who worked on this project:

“So happy to hear you enjoy the park – I was the volunteer coordinator on this community project. Bronwyn Groman created the designs and Wilbur Hathaway was the lead on the mosaic process. David Ringstrom, a partner at Atelier Landscape Architects provided the layout and original idea. Catherine Weatbrook provided the kiln for all of the tiles for purchase and painting. There were many volunteers and countless hours involved in the completion.” – Deb Stamey

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